About Us

Phil Conrad
Photographer / UAV Operator BNUC-S

Simon Niblett
Cinematographer / UAV Operator BNUC-S

Our Mission

Photodrones is run by Simon Niblett and Phil Conrad. Both of us are Professional image makers with over 25 years of experience in the field. Our independent clients over the years have taken us all over the globe. Having seen the capabilities of the early UAV aircraft when applied to aerial photography and filming we set out to produce the ultimate in image capture aircraft. Building all our the systems from the ground up gives us an intimate knowledge of our equipment and its capabilities. We focus on offering high quality and unique imagery for you, our clients. This gives you that important extra edge for your project, whatever your aims.

When you choose who to commission for your aerial photography or filming project it is important to consider the operator’s experience. It may be that a UAV operator might be a skilled pilot but lacks the thorough, time-served, background in photography and film.

Making UAV images presents a number of problems for any photographer. Creating great aerial images with a UAV requires experience, time and passion.