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Aerial Photographs in London

Simon Niblett and Phil Conrad have been making pro footage and stills for the last 25 years. We are programmed to provide solutions and work fast. This service will complete our operations to provide the highest quality shots to meet you the clients ever changing needs. Our equipment is state of the art Red and Nikon and we have all the lenses!

Our pilots are Bnuc-s qualified and our aircrafts are capable to fly BVLOS (Beyond Visual line of Site). The normal envelope for flying these type of aircraft is a maximum of 400 ft we can fly to 650 ft this is a very different perspective offering stunning imagery. We have recently been perfecting our unique crane-cam. This extremely high resolution system (124 meg panoramas) has great possibilities at night as well as day, for advertising purposes.

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What We Offer

• Photodrones Aircrafts Cover
• Aerial Surveys
• Aerial Property Portfolios
• Construction Monitoring
• Archaeological Records
• Inspections of Land and Buildings
• Fully Insured to cover Public liability

Aerial Photography

Photodrones adds a new dimension to aerial  photography. We can hover over precise positions on location and produce stunning high resolution imagery. Using the Nikon D800 (36 meg files) our captures have amazing depth and clarity.


Photodrones offers ultimate quality (Red Cam) digital capture. We  are able to shoot stunning sequences  with a full range of lenses. The smoothness of the  footage offers unparalleled  UAV imagery which is comparable to Cineflex in its final form.

360˚ Panoramics

Panoramas at the best time of day for the subject. Possiblities are endless with our range of low light lenses. Our specialist mounts allow many permutations of camera/lens set ups. BVLOS operation extends the range of our aircrafts to add unique functionality to our operation.